Transportation Options

A Car carrier or Car/Auto hauler is a truck or a tractor and trailer that can carry/haul between 5-10 vehicles at once. The tractor or tractor and trailers that transport cars are either open or enclosed.. These long haul trucks are usually referred to as Car Carriers, Car Hauler, Auto Transporters, Car shippers etc.

Utilizing an open auto carrier your vehicle is loaded on a metal superstructure on the tractor/trailer and is exposed to weather conditions and road debris during the journey.  Open car carrier trucks are much more common and are the most economical means of transporting your vehicle.  FHT Auto Transport, Inc. moves several hundred vehicles on open car carriers every day.  These trucks carry between five to ten cars as shown on the pictures below.
An enclosed car carrier has vinyl or metal siding which protects vehicles from the elements.  With the added protection offered by enclosed transport, this option is frequently used by owners of exotic and/or classic vehicles.  These auto carriers carry fewer vehicles. There are fewer enclosed auto carriers available to transport vehicles.  Consequently, the rate to transport your vehicle in an enclosed auto carrier is significantly higher than an open auto carrier.
The majority of auto carriers (open and enclosed transporters) transport vehicles on two levels or decks.  By paying the additional cost to have your vehicle positioned on the top level, you eliminate the potential of fluids leaking from other vehicles onto your car or truck.  We highly recommend owners of convertibles to purchase this option. Our “top load guaranteed” option is $100. Also, you have the option of requesting your preference for “top load”, which is free but does not guarantee a top load. The driver will be instructed to place your vehicle on the top deck if possible with requested/preferred top load.
Specialized motorcycle carriers are usually the choice for people who have to transport motorcycle units to a racing venue or an exhibition.  Motorcycle carriers can be utilized for people who are relocating and need to transport their motorcycles along with their cars and house hold goods. When it comes to transporting a motorcycle long distances consider using a motorcycle carrier. Although our truck and aluminum trailer ramps provide a strong and durable platform to safely transport your motorcycle units, our car carrier trucks are not specially designed to transport motorcycles.  Consequently, there are only a couple of spots on our car carrier tractor trailers that we can securely and safely place your motorcycles. Please call and verify that space is available to accommodate your motorcycle transport request.
Transporting boats is a special field of transportation.  Using our open car carriers, we are able to transport boats on trailers whose dimensions have a maximum width of six feet and 10 inches, twenty two feet long, 8 feet tall.  Boats on trailers with those dimensions or smaller can only be place in the last position on our car carrier and must be the first delivery on the truck’s route.  Therefore, please call for availability. However, boats with greater than the above mentioned dimensions, must be transported on specialized trucks and flatbeds. Please call in for availability and price.