About Us

About Us

FHT Auto Transport, Inc. is a nationwide auto shipping company, specializing in providing excellent service, quickly and safely transporting vehicles across the continent.  Our customers can depend on the services we provide shipping vehicles nationwide: whether you are a  private individual, military personnel, sport athlete or affiliated with a corporation, the movie industry, moving & relocation company or auto dealership.

For many years, there has always been a need for excellent service and a company that truly catered to the needs of customers in the auto transport industry.  FHT Auto Transport, Inc. was created solely for that purpose.  Our goal is to be recognized as setting a new industry standard of efficiency and care, providing excellent service for our customers.

Susan Miller

I have been with FHT Auto Transport for six years, providing administrative, logistical, customer service and accounting support.  Previously, I was in the corporate travel industry for over thirty years moving business people (not vehicles) around the world, managing operations, offices, and people.

Consequently, I love to travel and experience new cultures and sights. My favorite trips have been off the beaten path visiting: Machu Picchu (the lost city of the Incas in Peru), the pyramids and temples in Egypt, and the amazing island of Bali in Indonesia.

Born in Berkeley, CA (a fifth generation native Californian), I still root for Bay Area sports teams. In my spare time, I love reading (so many books, so little time), going to the theatre, hiking, and small boat sailing.

Arman Hashemi

I was born in Teheran, Iran on the 1st of April 1974. I moved to Sweden at the age of thirteen. In 1995 I moved to United States as an international student. While studying for my Bachelor’s degree, I started FHT Auto Transport, Inc. with the help of my brother.  My brother had worked for five years at two different well known auto transportation companies in CA and AZ.  He was the driver and I was running the office when we bought our first car carrier.  I continued my role with expanding our business after receiving my degree.  I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with emphasis in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in September, 2000 with a GPA of 3.67.

I am a hard-working team player with good communication skills. I Speak Farsi, Swedish, and English.  I am happy to have co created FHT Auto Transport, Inc. and I am the sole founder of ABC Auto Shipping.   I am the Chief Financial Officer for FHT Auto Transport, Inc. and oversee operations, financing and logistics. I am married and have a daughter.

Hamid Hashemi

I moved to the United States in 1989 and have been working very hard since then. I started as a car hauler in 1991 and since then have moved all different kinds of vehicles.  A couple of times I loaded 12 cars on 11 car carrier and consider myself an expert when it comes to loading cars on our car carriers. I have had a clean DMV record since 1991. I treat customer’s cars just like my own and always take my time to do the best I can for our customers. I have established many business relationships with our truck vendor and repair facilities. I am the co-founder of FHT Auto Transport, Inc. I am currently in charge of our fleet maintenance and driver management. I love what I do. I am married with two daughters.

Steve Shiflett

I joined the FHT dispatch department in April, 2010. I came to us from UPS, where I was a driver and dispatcher, working there since 1997. We moved to California in 2003 from the Chicago area. I graduated from Michigan State where I played football and wrestled. I have competed all over the world in wrestling and coached for 18 years at the collegiate and high school level. When relaxing I love to play cards and workout with my sons. My favorite teams to watch (whenever I can) are the Bears, Blackhawks and White Sox.  I have 4 kids, Amber, Nicolette, Jacob and Alex.